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Welcome to e4myJOB where we are dedicated to helping YOU find a Job!

And...e4myJOB is BY and FOR those impacted by the Recession.

e4myJOB.com was designed and built in early 2009 BY those impacted by the recession FOR those impacted by the recession.  Yes, that means that your Webmaster - that's ME - was laid off in January, 2009 as one of the 600,000+ people who lost their jobs in that month.

I don't like being a statistic quoted as part of the lead story every night on the national news.  But, that means that I know what you are going through - because we're going through it together.

Times and the Process Have Changed

As I started my job search I learned that the process has changed - or at least EVOLVED. It's been 10 years since I last looked for a job. So, before I could start an effective job search process, I needed to learn how it's done in 2009.  Admittedly, I've been very fortunate to have experts show me how. My employer provided me with outplacement resources. They showed me how it's done.

30-Day Free Trial

NOTE: The myFICO ad is placed here because things have changed to the point that prospective employers do check your credit report. You can use FICO score tracking to know what a prospective employer might determine about you.

But, as I've talked with others who are out of work, I've learned that many people don't understand the process - let alone the resources available to help. Most people don't look for work frequently enough to develop any expertise in the process and, therefore, need help - especially now.

There are a number of factors that make it even more important for people to know how to conduct an effective job search:

  1. in case you haven't noticed - there's a Recession going on and there are a LOT more people out of work all competing for a limited number of jobs;
  2. companies receive hundreds of resumes (sometimes thousands) for each published job opening;
  3. each of those resumes gets only 15 - 30 seconds at most to stand out from the crowd; and,
  4. if you know where to find them, the Internet has a LOT of resources you can use that weren't available a few years ago.

15 - 30 SECONDS!?!?!

Yes. That's what Human Resources Recruiters are saying. Your resume has 30 seconds at most to impress a recruiter and stand out from the crowd! And, in that 30 seconds, it must convince the recruiter that you are one of the people who deserve an interview. And, unless you're a marketing genius, do you really know how to market yourself like that???

Are you confident that you can???

  1. Write a Resume that will market you - and, make you stand out from the crowd in 15 seconds?
  2. Identify possible employers?
  3. Identify open jobs - that are not advertised?
  4. Use Networking effectively to reach out to people who can help.

If you can't answer YES to all four of those questions, you NEED e4myJOB!

The primary purpose of this site is to help the unemployed find a new job. The site will do that by providing you with the information and resources required. We also will do our best to help you avoid those tools (and that generally means Internet sites) that are out there solely for the purpose of separating you from your money.

Within this site you will find:

  1. Information on developing a resume;
  2. Information on developing a marketing program for yourself;
  3. Information on how to Network;
  4. Links to Job Search Sites and the ability to provide feedback on those sites;
  5. Resources (i.e., a Forum) where you can communicate with others who are going through the process to obtain help;
  6. Warnings about SCAMS to avoid - keeping in mind that some sites may only be there to separate you from your money.

We will also provide other resources to help you survive while you are unemployed - including links to government assistance.

Additionally, many people do not know enough about their credit and managing their finances - especially while they are unemployed. We provide resources that can help there too!

FREE SERVICE - But Please Remember Us!

The basic information on this site is free for those who are unemployed. And, it is paid for by the generosity of those who want to (and can) help. We do, however, ask that if you find a job and if this site helped, please remember us and possibly make a donation to help cover the expenses and to help others in their job search.

Advertising Helps Support the Site!

You will also see links to sites that we believe MIGHT be of help to you.  They might be:

  • Coupon Sites where you can print the coupons on your printer
  • Sites with special pricing on products or services
  • Opportunities to replace benefits previously provided by your employer

We will ALWAYS try to make sure the ads are for things that you may need and where you might save some money. One of the KEY things you will need is to understand your credit and, in particular, your FICO score.  Therefore, the very prominent link to MYFICO on this page.

Please understand that some of the links or ads you see may actually help support this site by providing a small (and we mean REALLY SMALL) commission if you buy a product or service from them.  And, one of the ways we are trying to keep this site FREE for you is with those ads.

If you want to help get in touch!

If you are someone willing to volunteer your services to help with the site - for example, with web site programming, article research, writing or editing OR, resume review - we welcome your assistance. Please contact the Webmaster.

If you or your organization or company with to help sponsor this site, please contact the Webmaster. There are a number of ways in which you can help people find jobs by supporting our efforts.

For those of you looking for work - we wish you the best! And, please feel free to use the resources in this site. And, let us know if it helps or if there is any way we can improve.


Your Webmaster

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